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Rick Pierro and Greg Banks

Rick Pierro and Greg Banks

Banks Integration Group, a Superior Controls company, in collaboration with Rockwell Automation hosted their sixth annual Life Sciences Round Table on October 12, 2017 in San Ramon, CA.

Engineering managers from life sciences manufacturing facilities in the Bay Area were invited to the event to participate in exchanging innovative ideas, learn best practices, and seek solutions with their life science peers. Attendees included representatives from nearly every major Life Sciences firm in Northern California. Each year, attendees lead roundtable discussions on automation challenges, success stories, and best practice application sharing. This year, Rick Pierro, co-founder and president of Superior Controls presented a discussion entitled “The Future of Biotech Automation.”Superior Controls Life Science Roundtable

“It was exciting to see so many points of view from so many executives with 20+ years of experience managing biotech facilities throughout the West Coast,” said Rick Pierro, co-founder and president of Superior Controls.  “It was an incredibly informative and fascinating day.”

Over the years, this event has received great feedback from the life science automation community for providing the only event to collaborate openly with industry peers, without the distraction of any sales agenda.

This year’s topic included:

  • Regulatory Compliance on Aging AssetsSuperior Controls Life Science Roundtable
  • Data Integrity for Stand-Alone Systems
  • Characteristics of Teams
  • Challenges with an Ever-Changing Workforce
  • What Does the Future of Biotech Automation Look Like?

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