Congratulations to Peter Smith! Peter is a fine example of how our employees love a good challenge and will work hard to achieve success both at work and at play!

Peter is a competitive guy.  Last week he competed in a Senior Championship Badminton Contest in mixed and men’s doubles for 5 hours winning every game until he was declared the NH Senior champion in both events.

But he’s accustomed to winning!  Peter won several state tournaments over the past eight years, playing men’s singles events in the over 45 bracket in Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.  He also won the US gold medal in 2009 at the Senior Nationals in the men’s singles event, giving him a number 1 ranking in the US in the 50+ age bracket!  Peter represented the US in the World Masters held in Vancouver, BC in 2012. In 2014, he won 1 gold and 2 silver medals at the Senior Nationals in North Carolina.

Unfortunately, after the 2014 wins, Peter was forced to retire due to injuries.  He underwent knee and back surgeries and after an extended recovery, he came back to reclaim gold twice in his first tournament at the Senior Games earlier this month. Peter is hoping to continue improving his fitness and strength over the next few months as he continues to recover from his back surgery.

Sharing his knowledge of and passion for the sport, Peter was a volunteer coach for the UNH badminton team, and also coached his son Timothy from the time he was six years old.  By the time he was 11, Timothy was a National Junior player representing the South Wales area of the UK.  Timothy currently works for Google and plays competitively on the company’s team in San Jose, CA.

Peter has served as an automation engineer at Superior Controls for 3 years and previously designed and implemented automation systems for 14 Years at Goss Manufacturing in Durham, NH.

When not working at Superior Controls, Peter enjoys teaching his 4 grandchildren the fine art of playing badminton; he quips, “The competitive part will come as they get older.”