Banks Integration Group, a Superior Controls company, is a strong supporter of several professional and educational organizations, and encourages employee involvement at every level of the company.

Joel Banks, business development manager for Banks Integration Group, is a longstanding member of ISPE and has recently been appointed to the San Francisco Board of Directors as chair of the Young Professionals and Student Chapter committee.  Joel started with Banks in 2008 as an engineering intern and transitioned to full time when he graduated from UC Davis in 2010 with a computer engineering degree.  He just completed his MBA degree from St. Mary College of California this past June.

Recently, Joel and the ISPE SF Young Professionals chapter presented the first ever Young Professionals roundtable which was hosted by Alice Rystov and Kunal Patel at Banks Integration Group’s headquarters in Vacaville, CA. The event consisted of a networking hour followed by two hours of roundtable discussion.

The event was attended by students, young professionals, and industry veterans in the life sciences industry representing a wide variety of experience. Various topics for discussion were submitted in advance or during the networking portion of the event. During the roundtable, Alice and Kunal randomly selected topics and opened the discussion to the room for attendees to share their experiences.

Such topics included:

  • Should I go back to get a master’s/PhD? Will it help me get promoted, help my career, or boost my salary?
  • What is the average amount of time I should stay in my current role with my company?
  • When should I look for a new job?
  • How should I handle salary negotiations when applying for a new job?
  • What if I do not like working for my manager, but I really like my job?
  • I have little experience in my new role with a company, and I am being thrown into a project without much training. How do I handle this?

The conversations were very interesting surrounding each topic. Some great discussions occurred between veterans and young professionals, highlighting different viewpoints on career development and alluding to the differences between millennials and the more experienced workforce.

The ISPE SF Young Professionals chapter hosts networking events every month in various locations around the Bay Area. The next educational event is the Student and Young Professional Leadership Forum, which will take place in February 2018.

For more information on the ISPE SF Young Professionals, contact us.