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We were stunned!  Ken Hackett never told us the entire truth.  While working diligently and successfully at Superior Controls as Business Development Manager for two entire years out of the Albany, NY office, he kept it a secret.  He “claims” he didn’t mean to keep it a secret, he just never brought it up.

During a recent visit to the Albany office, Rick Pierro, Superior Controls president, uncovered some documents and pictures that prove decisively ….. that Ken Hackett was a football star!  Not just an ordinary football star. After a successful college career, he played semi-pro football while working full time as an account manager for Horizon Solutions covering the New York and Vermont territories. He played in the Empire Football League (EFL) established in 1969 from 1999-2001, with the Lake City Star from Plattsburgh NY, and then with the Glens Falls Greenjackets from 2002-2008 racking up an astounding 24 awards!

  • 2000 Defense Player of the Year EFL (Lake City Stars)Ken-Hackett-football-article
  • 2000 EFL First team Defensive End
  • 2000 NFE Casino Bowl All Star
  • 2000 Fasco All Star
  • 2001 EFL First Team All Star
  • 2001 NFE Casino Bowl All Star
  • 2001 Fasco All Star
  • 2001 NFE All American
  • 2002 EFL First Team All Star (Glens Falls Greenjackets)
  • 2002 AFA All American
  • 2002 NFE All American
  • 2002 NFE Casino Bowl All Star
  • 2003 EFL First Team All Star
  • 2003 EFL Champions
  • 2003 Harvest Bowl Champion
  • 2003 Defense Lineman of the Year (Glens Falls Greenjackets)
  • 2003 AFA All AmericanKen-Hackett-poster
  • 2003 NFE All American
  • 2003 NFE Casino Bowl All Star
  • 2004 EFL Second Team All Star
  • 2004 EFL Champion
  • 2004 Harvest Bowl Champion
  • 2004 Man of the Year (Glens Falls Greenjackets)
  • 2004 Minor League Football News All American Northeast Region
  • 2004 NFE All American
  • 2004 NFE Casino Bowl All Star MVP
  • 2004 Hall of Fame Award Minor League Football News
  • 2013 Hall of Fame Award Glens Falls Greenjackets

And so, the secret is out.  Full disclosure!  We have proof that this is all true.  And, our customers have a right to know!  Yes, we are incredibly proud of Ken Hackett and all he’s done both on and off the field.  Now we know where Ken gets his competitive drive.

“So, when you next see Ken, tell him you know his little secret,” commented Rick.  “Tell him you’ve seen the pictures and you know – that he’s an incredibly competitive and successful guy.  Like I said, we’re proud of Ken Hackett!”

Ken-Hackett-GreenjacketsIt took some coaxing to get Ken to fill us in on his football career and we are glad he finally shared some of the details with us. Ken said, “We would practice as a group 2 to 3 days a week with practice being like a game because every player thought he was better than the other which made for intense practices.”

The EFL season started in May each spring, with games starting the second week of June, and the championship in October, followed by Nationals.  This intense schedule meant that Ken played 20-plus games per year.  The games were held on Saturday nights in the heart of the summer so some nights it would be 100 degrees while he was on the field.  Ken was able to combine his work and sports lives to an extent, occasionally inviting customers to come and watch his games.

Ken said, “I played a couple games a year for the FASCO (Free Agent Scouting Combine) and a couple games a year for the NFE (National Football Events team), which was made up of all Americans  across the USA.”

As he reflected on those years, Ken told us, “I think the best part of playing was having my 2 daughters by my side. It taught them that hard work does pay off and if you put your mind to it and dedicate yourself that any goal can be accomplished both on a personal level and a team level.”

In case you still don’t believe us about Ken’s secret past, here is definitive proof!Ken Hackett football greenjackets