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Rick Pierro, president and CEO of Superior Controls, was recognized by the University of Massachusetts  Lowell for,  in part, “having achieved a distinguished record of leadership in his chosen profession …and performing outstanding service to the university” in a February 23rd celebration at the College of Engineering.

For over 24 years, Superior Controls has provided both financial and consulting support for the University.  Rick Pierro, who received his MS in Chemical Engineering at the university is currently Chairman of the Chemical Engineering Advisory Board and past Chairman of the Engineering Advisory Board.  Superior Controls has sponsored the “Superior Controls Computer Lab” and the “Superior Controls Chemical Engineering, Process Control Lab” amongst other projects throughout the years.  In addition, Superior Controls has hired approximately 40 engineers from the university over the past 24 years.

“The Recognition Wall” located outside the Francis College of Engineering, Deans’ office, is a display of all those alumni that have been recognized over the past 20 years.  See attached pictures.

Rick Pierro thanked his past masters’ thesis advisor, Dr. Al Donatelli, Chairman of the Chemical Engineer Department, by joking, “If it weren’t for Dr. Donatelli and all his support and guidance back in 1983, I’d still be in graduate school!”