Superior Controls Tom CrowlPrincipal Engineer, Tom Crowl, of Banks Integration, a Superior Controls Company, has a long and successful history of implementing ISA S88 batch control automation, MES solutions and critical safety systems in the process industry.  Not only did he co-author the original ISA S88 batch control standard back in 1996 but he has written several technical papers which continue to be referenced to this day throughout the process automation industry. These include the following:

Safety Logic in Modular Batch Automation

Implementation of safety and exception recovery logic in modular batch systems.  This eight-page article was presented at the World Batch Forum European Conference in Brussels, Belgium in October, 2000, and is still referenced in current safety papers today.

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S88.01 Concepts Streamline Control Software Application for Biotech Plant – ISA TECH 1997

Abstract:  There are two major tenets of ISA S88.01 which increase the productivity of both the production plant and the development of the software configuration which runs the plant. The first is an inherent separation of equipment function from recipe procedure. The separation of the functionality of the equipment from recipe functionality allows flexibility in a plant. The second is modularity. S88.01 describes a modular breakdown of equipment entities and procedural elements. S88.01 also defines the mapping between these equipment entities and procedural elements. This paper focuses on the streamlining of the configuration and validation process while addressing production and flexibility issues.

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Defining the Interface Between ERP, MES, and the Control Systems – ISA EXPO 1998

Abstract: Connecting enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to control systems and the plant floor requires the definition of an interface. Micromanagement of the plant floor by ERP can slow production. S88.01 developed the concept of procedural objects (phases, operations, and unit procedures) that can accomplish process-oriented tasks. The batch manager or unit supervisor assigns parameters and commands the object to run. The object accomplishes the task on its own, providing data to the manager when it has completed the task. Elevating this concept, a batch can be a procedural object with the ERP system as its manager, allowing the batch on the plant floor to run smoothly from start to finish without the need for continuous interaction with ERP.

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Configuration Techniques for a Validated Plant

Abstract: A major challenge in automating a validated plant is to maximize quality while optimizing the time and effort spent developing and validating the configuration. One method to achieve this optimization is to organize the detailed design and configuration effort into small pieces which can be managed more efficiently. If designed properly, the configuration can be constructed implementing reusable modules of code that are developed individually. As the reusable modules are completed, they are tested and stored in a software library under change control. ISA S88.01 models define a structure of modular entities that can be used to organize the design and configuration effort. The IEC 1131-3 configuration languages fit well into the S88.01 structures and provide a means to create, library, and reuse the change-controlled individual software modules. This paper focuses on the techniques available in IEC 1131-3 to implement generic reusable software modules for S88.01 control modules, phases and units.

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