Over 90 Superior Controls employees and partners from the east coast office attended a festive banquet and dance party at Harbor Point in Portsmouth, NH this past weekend.  The 16 engineers that beat Rick Pierro in the 5K road race all received a large box of chocolates and numerous awards and joke gifts were distributed to others.  As the party energy picked up, the dance floor became packed with gyrating dancers and neon, laser signs of “Superior Controls” scrolled across the ceiling and walls.   The dancers wore colored sunglasses and expertly played plastic air guitars in sync with the throbbing dance music.  One young guest said after the show, “this is the best company Holiday Party I’ve ever attended – Thank you!”


Shannon Asselin Superior ControlsPicture – Shannon Asselin proudly wears the gladiator helmet she was awarded for her excellent leadership.  The Patriots mascot was presented to Mark LaRoche to keep him company when visiting the California offices.