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Blog post by Co-founder and President Rick Pierro

Looking for a better way to automate a new Maine based, GMP, pharmaceutical facility, Superior Controls project automation team, led by Tag McCormick, selected Rockwell Automation’s PlantPAx as the most appropriate DCS system to implement.  There were several reasons for this selection.

The GMP, batch fermentation process was a perfect fit for PlantPAx.  The PlantPAx Library of Process Objects, prewritten Process Strategies along with the Logix Batch and Sequence Manager provided all the tools needed to efficiently write this code.  The Process Objects, also known as Control Modules, were reused in a very efficient manner.

In October 2017 the project team, which included Bill Mellencamp from Superior Controls, successfully completed the factory acceptance testing of the process control system for the customer.  As Bill stated after the successful completion of the FAT, “The PlantPAx system for this project is essentially a true DCS system with all the tools and features of much larger and significantly more expensive DCS systems.  The customer was very pleased to see the ease in which they could make changes to the recipes, configure the batch report and even follow the logic. In addition, we found that the prebuilt Process Objects reduced our programming and testing time significantly.”

A Rockwell Automation Global Process Technical Consultant provided valuable guidance and oversight during design and development. The combination of this resource, along with the use of readily available selection guides, reference manuals and application manuals ensured that the system met key performance attributes established by Rockwell Automation. Superior Controls followed the recommended programming techniques employing pre-built tools, software modules and graphics.

By adhering to a structured design and implementation, Superior Controls supplied a consistent, effective and visually appealing product to their customer. We are looking forward to the commissioning of this system in early 2018!