Blog post by Bob Patrick, vice president of engineering

What if the greatest engineers in the world couldn’t manage a project?  Would they get anything done?  Suppose they could manage a small project but were suddenly assigned to manage and implement a $10M automation project?  What would happen?

At Superior Controls, where we are currently implementing 36 fixed-price automation projects, 3 of which are over $6M, we care about project management expertise. Consequently, we continue to invest in project management training.

Our project manager training and disciplined process are a big reason for our success over the last 25 years.  Superior Controls recently developed a new project manager instructor-led course focused on our process and unique challenges as a systems integrator.  The course was developed with the collaboration of our east and west coast offices.

During a series of working sessions, a number of scenarios were developed with recommended approaches to each.  The scenarios fell into categories such as scope, customer, schedule, and team.  This in-house course incorporates these scenarios while covering our project execution methodology.  So far, two training sessions have been held in the first quarter of 2018.  Training sessions are kept small to encourage participation and discussion.  The feedback from the classes has been excellent.  It’s a great way to review the entire process with the engineers.  No two projects are exactly the same and many times there is more than one right answer to an issue.  Trainees come away with information they can use right away based on real-world examples.

At Superior Controls, we care about project management.  We believe the greatest engineers in the world, with proper training, can manage complex automation projects and deliver on schedule.

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