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Setting aside technology, software, reputation and other considerations, hiring a systems integrator means entrusting an important part of your project to other people. Superior Controls understands that our team of automation professionals is the single most important factor in the outcomes of customer engagements. We take extraordinary steps to make sure the Superior Controls team exceeds your expectations.

Screening and Hiring

Since our early days, Superior Controls has recognized the best way to ensure a high quality team is to take great pains during the hiring process. In response, we developed a rigorous screening and hiring protocol for all staff additions.
We submit 100% of new applicants to a written exam that quickly gauges their technical knowledge. More than 50% of candidates are eliminated from contention on this basis alone.

We require at least three verbal references and we actively seek independent corroboration of each candidate’s track record. We also structure the evaluation process to gain insight on the candidate’s attitude, character and ethics, as we believe these are critical ingredients to our collective success.

Our employee turnover is remarkably low while our customer satisfaction is consistently superior. This assures us we are hiring and keeping the right people.

Training & Mentoring

All new hires, regardless of experience, are partnered with a senior Superior Controls mentor for several months. This allows the new team member to observe and learn the processes and protocols we employ to ensure successful project execution. This mentorship period also provides exposure to the Superior Controls work ethic, standards of performance and customer-focused attitude. Close observation enables our leadership to make informed decisions about when a team member is ready to take on more responsibility.

All employees are also directed to pursue a structured program of continuous learning. The program focuses on technical skill development, project management, administrative efficiencies and other important topics. Some programs feature integrated testing to ensure mastery of key skill sets. We also seek regular customer feedback about our performance.

Big, but not too big

With more than 75 engineers and other automation professionals on staff, Superior Controls can safely accommodate swings in workload that might overwhelm most other systems integrators. Our scale enables us to commit dedicated teams to a customer project, providing a level of focus that improves project quality and ensures timely completion.

At the start of every project, Superior Controls assigns a project manager who is accountable to the customer for the success of the project – from kickoff to system startup. With Superior, you can be assured that the engineers who wrote your code will be on-site to start-up your systems.

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