Blog post by President Rick PierroRick Pierro Axe Throwing

A team of twenty Superior Controls automation engineers recently took a break and relaxed after work by throwing axes.  It was fascinating to see the New Hampshire natives rise up to the challenge and repeatedly heave the sharpened axe blades directly into the target bullseye.  Perhaps it was their Viking heritage or just their childhood experiences chopping NH wood for the fireplace that made them so good.

After a spirited 90-minute tournament impersonating the Vikings, most fighters limped from the battlefield leaving four hardened warriors remaining. Glenn Bittner, Damon Robbins, Tag McCormack, and Bob Patrick entered their cages and carefully aimed at targets 15 feet away in what will be known as the greatest axe throwing contest in Superior Controls history.  After a final vicious duel, Bob Patrick, our VP of engineering, emerged the winner of the 2019 Superior Controls’ Axe Throwing Contest.

Congratulations and adulation poured in from the crowd after Bob sank his axe directly into the bullseye four times in 5 throws; a feat that will forever live on in the minds of his stunned competitors.   Bob attributes his axe throwing proficiency to his experience growing up in a northern New Hampshire Mill Town where everyone chopped firewood in preparation for the winter.  That, and perhaps there is a little bit of Viking in Bob.