When it comes to selecting a control system integration company, there is an industry specific benchmark you can rely on. The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) Certification is known as the gold-seal mark of a professionally managed and financially sound control system integration business.

“Superior Controls is proud to have been the very first company globally to pass the CSIA audit for the seventh consecutive time,” said Rick Pierro, president and CEO of Superior Controls. “Our continuous commitment to best business practices and procedures has been a steadfast pillar of our company’s success and growth.”

Integrating automation technology in today’s industrial environment can be a high-risk and complex venture, especially for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries requiring comprehensive validation experience including a thorough knowledge of GAMP5.0, 21CFR Part11, and batch control using ISA’s S88 model.

Superior Controls was an early adopter of CSIAs Best Practices & Benchmarks program and one of the first companies to earn the CSIA Certification distinction by meeting 79 stringent performance standards – as measured in an intensive audit process conducted by an independent third-party consulting firm. To maintain certification, companies must successfully pass an audit every three years. Superior Controls earned its first CSIA Certification in 2001.

CSIA Certification demonstrates the commitment of a control system integrator to meet the highest standards for business and management. Technical proficiency alone is not enough. The list includes many criteria that you may not think of when selecting an integrator, such as disaster recovery plans, computer system backups and internal quality audits.

What does this mean for our customers? Superior Controls has proven to meets and exceeds the following:

  • Technically competent
  • Trusted and reputable
  • Company culture of service and strong ethics
  • Proven track record
  • Excellent references
  • Structured standards in place
  • Operates a stable, financially healthy business
  • Employee continuity and proficiency
  • Excellent project management methodologies
  • Thorough IT security for both on premise and cloud solutions
  • Provides high-quality services and solutions
  • Has a keen focus on risk-avoidance


In addition to CSIA Certification, Superior Controls has successfully passed 50 consecutive project management and validation audits performed by industry leaders such as Pfizer, Biogen, Shire, Regeneron, Coviden, Novo Nordisk, GE Healthcare, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Genzyme, Jacobs Engineering, and Skanska. Superior Controls also achieved the prestigious 2017 Best-of-the-Best designation for professional services organizations from independent research firm Service Performance Insight (SPI Research).