Superior Controls’ engineer Christian Bossio has known his share of adversity.  Raised by a single mother in Honduras, Christian was on his own at age 16 when his mother was suddenly murdered.  With just his siblings and a few family friends in Honduras, he had very little support and no hope of reaching his personal aspirations.  The following is his personal story of the perseverance, dedication, and grit that enabled Christian to escape his sad circumstances, gain his education in the US, and join Superior Controls as an automation engineer six years later.

Many Superior Controls employees are actively involved outside of the office and have stories to share.  They participate in everything from axe throwing competitions , grueling road and relay races, and flying with a fan strapped to your back, to helping the Parker Solar Probe study the sun.  Few can share a story like Christian’s.

Christian made the difficult decision to leave violent Honduras and return to the U.S. where he was born.  After finishing high school Christian set off alone for New York City, arriving with just a few dollars and a suitcase of clothes.  With nowhere to live, he bounced around working two jobs and saved every penny.  In the spring of 2015, Christian quit one of his jobs and enrolled as a freshman at Nassau Community College (NCC) on Long Island.

“I dreamed of becoming an engineer and NCC was the place that would lead me there. Everything seemed to be working out, but as a young adult with a part-time job, no parents, and FAFSA saying I could not get more financial aid, making ends meet became harder than I expected,” he said.

Facing the consequences of being alone while chasing his dreams, Christian said, “I managed, and only because of two things.  I promised my mother I would work as hard as I could to become a high achiever.  I would live and breathe to make that amazing woman prouder than ever.  I was also surrounded by amazing faculty and supportive staff at NCC who helped me find resources like the NCC Foundation.”

Thanks to the generous assistance Christian received at NCC, he graduated in 2016 as valedictorian with a perfect 4.0 GPA and with an Associate of Science in Engineering Science degree.  Two years later, Christian was invited to be the keynote speaker at an NCC Foundation fundraising event because of his past as valedictorian and as a scholarship recipient.  There he shared his personal history and gratitude for the support he received at NCC.  His example was a reminder to donors how important their contributions are, often filling the financial aid gap and making the crucial difference which allows students to stay enrolled.  Grateful for the help the foundation provided, Christian said, “This organization helped me greatly when I was going through college and I plan on helping other students that are going through similar situations as I once did.”

As Christian shared at the event, “After leaving NCC, I enrolled at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and after two more years of studies I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and began interviewing for a job.   I joined Superior Controls earlier this year as a project engineer and participated in Superior Controls’ new employee training for biotech and life science automation.”

After completing 29 new employee training modules, Christian began project work.  He is currently working on six automation projects which use multiple versions of software from Rockwell Automation.  “So far, I have worked on updating the security system on the six systems’ HMIs, restricting users’ access to setpoints and modifying some screens,” he said.  “I worked on multiple aspects of the project including documentation (redlining documents and aiding the development of test plans and other documents), FactoryTalk HMI modifications to verify that the proposed changes accomplished the desired outcome, and the execution of the test plans.”

Christian is also working on a larger project, which will automatically prevent foaming in 23 existing automated bioreactors. “The scope of my contributions to this project is similar to the previous six – I will work on documentation, HMI modifications and execution of the test plan. Additionally, I will be working on modifying the PLC code for those systems,” Christian said.

To further his technical training, Christian has obtained his Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Historian 5.x Certification for System Integrators, and is currently working on Factory Talk VantagePoint certification.

“Christian is one of the top college graduates that Superior Controls was very fortunate to hire in 2019,” said Rick Pierro, founder and president of Superior Controls.  “Christian’s obvious intelligence, drive, and focus are demonstrated in his successful automation projects and the leadership skills we have seen exhibited in the team-building activities he has initiated,” Pierro continued.

“It is truly amazing to hear Christian’s life story and how he overcame the obstacles he had in front of him,” said Bob Patrick, vice president of engineering at Superior Controls.  “We expect great things from Christian.”

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