Superior Controls’ President Rick Pierro invested some time in conducting an informal “Voice of the Customer” survey, hoping to glean some insights on the company’s strengths, and discover any areas where the company could continue the process of improvement.  Rick spent time meeting with clients, discussing what was the driving force for them consistently choosing Superior Controls for their life science automation needs.

Much to his surprise, Rick heard from many clients that Superior Controls was chosen because of the company’s “deep bench,” the sports metaphor meaning that there is layer-upon-layer of talent in the engineering ranks at the company.  Clients told Rick that they felt comfortable choosing Superior Controls for their largest and most technically difficult projects because they know that Superior Controls has the engineering resources to take care of any issues that may arise during – or after – a project.  Whether that issue arises during normal business hours or not (read blog post about a biotech facility emergency support call), Superior Controls is committed to partnering with their customers to keep production running 24/7/365.

Customers also mentioned the company’s focus on continuous improvement as a factor in the purchasing decision-making process.  Continuous improvement is one of the cornerstones of the Control System Integrator Association’s (CSIA) Best Practices, and Superior Controls recently announced that the company was the first to achieve CSIA Certification for the seventh consecutive time.  Superior Controls applies the concept of continuous improvement to the company’s employee training, and last year a new Project Manager module was launched.  In addition, Superior Controls has passed over 50 FDA-mandated quality audits; the company welcomes the customer auditing process, knowing that the feedback ultimately makes them stronger.

In summary, customers know that when the big game of project automation occurs, they are going to win with Superior Controls’ 135 experienced automation engineers on their team.