Superior Controls employees came from near and far to enjoy what is fondly referred to as the annual “Road Warrior Dinner.”  Hosted this year at the Black Cow Restaurant in Newburyport, MA, nearly two dozen employees were in attendance.

The Road Warrior Dinner is a decades-old tradition of gathering to celebrate the Superior Controls employees who spend the majority of their time traveling on company business, either as engineers embedded at a customer’s site, or those who travel frequently for often-lengthy equipment startups.

“Holding these dinners provides an opportunity for people to connect in person,” said Bob Patrick, vice president of engineering.  “We can take time to break away from our busy schedules and connect with our coworkers.”

During the event, many personal stories were shared and enjoyed by the group. When Mike Demboske joined Superior Controls, he had never flown before.  In fact, one if his earliest business trips with the company was to attend a Wonderware training in Indianapolis… and he drove to it from New England!  Some months later, Mike was asked to join a team in China for a large biotech facility startup.  Mike considered taking a boat but they couldn’t fit it into the schedule, so he booked his airline tickets.  Mike realized that having his first flight be a 30+ hour trip across the world was probably not a good idea, so he decided to take a long weekend in Florida as a test run.  Rumor has it that the trip to China went great (Mike’s opinion may differ on this), and his team likes to joke today that Mike is now the James Bond/World Traveler of automation engineers.

Another favorite event is the annual Albany holiday party.  More than 20 employees recently shared dinner and a Yankee Swap (also known as a white elephant gift exchange), which provided much entertainment.  Long-haired and bearded employee Mike Hodulik was the first to choose, and as luck would have it, he picked a “manscaping kit” out of the pile of 15 wrapped gifts.  Mike eventually traded for something else, and it was surmised that he plans to keep his current look.

Bob sums up the purpose of the Road Warrior Dinner, Albany holiday party, and the many other employee team-building events held by Superior Controls (like the recent axe throwing tournament).  “It is important for people to like the folks they work with.  Our engineers are spread across many customer sites, and the hope is that events like these provide an opportunity to build a sense of family, community, and teamwork.”

Superior Controls is a great place to work!

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