For two decades, Superior Controls has participated in 5K road races as a way to add friendly competition to the company culture.

This year, after the annual CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge in Albany, NY was canceled, Superior Controls employees joined a new virtual team competition called the Capital District Challenge sponsored by ARE Event Productions. It is a five-week socially-distanced challenge in which teams compete to log as many miles as they can, whether by running, walking or hiking. As a virtual event, employees from both the Albany and Seabrook offices got involved in the team fitness challenge.

Out of 59 teams, Team Superior Controls consistently placed in the Weekly Top 10, peaking at #9 with 232 miles in Week 4.

“This challenge has been a great way to stay connected, motivated and active as a team while we are working remotely,” said Andy Corsini, the team captain. “There is no pressure, but there is a sense of accountability that has driven so many to contribute to the team in any way they can.”

Since the Capital District Challenge began on June 1, a motivated team of 11 Superior Controls employees regularly hit the pavement, trails and treadmills across two states and one Canadian province. At the end of the challenge, Team Superior placed 10th overall, with 1108.8 miles logged on 248 total runs/walks.


A gorgeous view captured by Joseph Iuliucci on a run in Nova Scotia

Team member Joseph Iuliucci was one of the Top 20 individuals (out of 506 total) for Weeks 3 and 4 with an incredible 60+ miles per week. He finished as the 23rd ranked individual for the whole event, with 303.2 miles!

“While rewriting the nature of work, connectedness, and balance, the Capital District Challenge has been a consistent unspoken bond that encourages me to contribute, get outside, be active, and stay positive,” Iuliucci said. “It bolsters my physical and mental health. I am grateful for the opportunity, the team, and support that has inspired our collective and personal accomplishments.”

The official competition wrapped up July 5, however event organizers are considering ways to keep the platform open to all who are interested.

This is the first year of the Capital District Challenge, but Superior Controls has participated in the annual CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge 5K since 2013. In 2019, Team Superior Controls achieved a top 20 team finish, with a record-breaking 16 Superior Controls employees and President Rick Pierro competing with over 8,000 runners and walkers.

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