Superior Controls assists organizations in and out of the energy sector with a broad range of energy related automation and control projects.

Superior Controls Energy WorkAs new energy technologies emerge and companies increasingly focus on conservation as a cost-reduction strategy, Superior Controls’ disciplined project execution and deep knowledge of automation has made us a preferred resource for challenging projects. Our large team uniquely enables Superior Controls to apply resources to projects with aggressive timetables, which is often the case in the energy sector.

Implementing systems designed for the manufacture and operation of alternative energy sources (including solar and co-generation), energy monitoring, and energy conservation, Superior Controls has worked with customers to implement systems providing high efficiency throughput, energy conservation, and ROI.

In addition to implementing complete systems in the Energy Sector, Superior Controls has implemented equipment run-time monitoring and preventive maintenance programs, off peak energy utilization staging, and provided assistance to customers in attaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification.

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