Why Superior Controls

Superior Controls strives to be the controls and automation systems integrator that leading companies can rely on to provide quality services, support operations, and implement critical projects. You have many choices when choosing a systems integrator. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Superior Controls.

Think Like the Customer, For the Customer

It is our goal to support our customers in every way possible, and as a result ‘Make our customers look great’. Superior Controls is diligent about accurately and comprehensively defining project scope and understanding our customers needs. We understand that our success is dependent on your success and we will do everything in our power to achieve that.

Bias for Speed, Responsiveness, and Reliability

A difficult reality of the automation systems integration business is that our work starts after much of the overall project timeline has already passed. This means that speed is essential and little room for slippage is allowable. At Superior Controls, we have designed our business with that reality in mind. Our engineering processes are designed and managed to avoid unnecessary delays and our professionals operate with an urgency that demonstrates their commitment to customer success.

Large, Qualified Team

With a team of more than 125 controls and automation professionals, Superior Controls maintains the mindset of a smaller business to remain nimble and responsive, but large enough to offer the scale and security you need to ensure your project is properly staffed. Unlike smaller shops that can leave you stranded when their workload unexpectedly increases, Superior Controls offers a deep bench of highly qualified engineers that will deliver.

Disciplined Methods and Systems

Superior Controls was founded on the belief that disciplined project control is central to delivering successful customer outcomes. Today, this discipline is embodied in our Project Execution Methodology embedded as part of the SC Navigator(sm) system, Superior Controls’ proprietary, internal, web based system that guides our engineers through a proven process of project execution.

Unmatched Documentation

Superior Controls is widely recognized for its leadership in the complete and consistent delivery of system documentation. Early on our adoption of the ISPE’s Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) and our approach to related documentation was considered a benchmark in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. Our non-validated system documentation is simplified when compared to validated systems, but still provides complete system detail that provides for long-term operating and maintenance efficiency and system lifecycle management.

Dedicated to Attracting and Keeping the Best People

Since our early days, Superior Controls has recognized the best way to ensure a high quality team is to take great pains during the hiring process. In response, we developed a rigorous screening and hiring protocol that is strictly adhered to for all staff additions. Additionally, we continually work to provide a challenging and fun work environment and culture to keep our best as integral parts of the Team.

Technology Neutral, No Brand Bias

The Superior Controls team is experienced with all major automation software and hardware brands and does not promote any single technology. We work closely with our customers to choose the best technology for their application. We are also able to accommodate integration with systems and skids built on nearly any platform.

Breadth of Capabilities

Superior Controls offers a unique combination of scale and scope that enables us to speed complex projects to smooth completion. We can marshal a range of expert disciplines in-house while also maintaining a stable of reliable external resources to call upon when needed. As a result, our customers can spend less time coordinating resources and more time focusing on their critical business requirements.

Continuously Improving

At Superior Controls we are continuously looking at ways to improve our services and processes. Feedback from our internal audits, customer audits, and project reviews help in identifying opportunities for improvement. Put simply, it means ‘getting better all the time’.

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