Sensor Module Assembly

The Sensor Module Assembly Process Control System (PCS) provides control of the Sensor Module Assembly Equipment for the facility. In addition to assembly, the system would accurately obtain parts for the module being built and save it to the database. This eliminated the previous use of a “hard coded” parts list. Features also included a wafer part verification routine to be sure that the parts being used in construction were up to date and correctly inspected, setup of chip holder parts to build that module type, safety check for leak head detection to prevent interference with robot, and established part picking operation with one that is based on part type and not recipe.

Field and skid components included a pick and place robot, leak detection, a welding robot, and a part index table.

The system included an ControlLogix PLC with serial communications to the robot, the leak system and the weld robot and an operator interface (with the remote database (SQL 2000) via Ethernet) using the Data Transfer Component.

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