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Superior Controls recently completed a $4M Sweetened Dried Cranberries (SDC) Project for Ocean Spray Cranberries. Located in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, the system was part of a facility expansion which doubled the plant’s size to 440,000 square feet making it the largest cranberry processing plant in the world.

The Sweetened Dried Cranberries (SDC) Process Control System (PCS) provides automated control, monitoring, and management of the SDC Process for the Wisconsin Rapids facility. The SDC Process is grouped into four main areas, solids processing, juice processing, clean-in-place, and utilities.

The SDC Process Control System utilizes 4 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). The PLCs use ControlNet communication protocol to monitor/control discrete and analog Flex I/O in the field. Additionally, the system uses the ControlNet to message data between the PLCs.

DeviceNet is used for communication between the PLCs, motor control system, and ThinkTop valves. The motor control system is composed of AB PowerFlex drives.

The PLC communicates over Ethernet to a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) server running GE Proficy iFIX™ control software. Operator Interface Terminals (OITs) are located throughout the plant to give operators access to the system. Functions include start/stop motors, open/close valves, PID loop setpoint adjustments, etc. The OITs are running Proficy iClient Runtime software on STRONGARM 19.1″ Stainless Steel Vertica MiniStations.

The following list details the major system components which are controlled by and interface to the PCS:

  • Fruit Delivery System
  • Extraction Water Feed Tank
  • Counter Current Extractors
  • Rietz Press Area
  • Counter Current Infusers
  • Heat Treat Area
  • Infusion/Spent Syrup Area
  • Low Brix Tank Areas
  • Syrup Evaporation Area
  • MicroFiltration Unit
  • Syrup Batching Tank Area
  • RO Unit Area
  • Sugar Load Area
  • Juice Evaporator
  • Dryer Area
  • CIP Skid Area
  • Product Grading/Sorting/Flavoring Area
  • Hot Water Sets
  • Packaging Area
  • Cooling Tower Skids
  • RO Perm Storage Tanks
  • Chilled Water Skid
  • Product Storage Tanks
  • Waste Water

They system included 27 Control Panels and 10 OITs, 500+ analog points, 900+ discrete points, 300+ ThinkTop valves, 500+ solenoids, and 130+ VFDs.

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