• “The replacement of the Main Extrusion 700 HP, 400 HP and 30 HP drives went very well…I thank Superior Controls for this dedication throughout the project insuring our satisfaction of every detail in the system.”

  • “Thank you for the high quality of work and timeliness in designing and installing our system.”

  • “Superior Controls’ ability to assemble a large project team and successfully implement this complex architecture in a short period of time is a tribute to your skill sets.”

  • “It has been a pleasure dealing with Superior Controls for the past ten years.”

  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work they continue to deliver to my Operations. Project scheduling, communications, documentation, and quality work are key to this success.”

  • “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the outstanding support provided by Superior Controls on the project…Thank you and your staff for an excellent job! I look forward to working with you in the future.”

  • “…your engineers…did an excellent job throughout the project, whether it was improved designs, testing, or start up.”

  • “The professionalism, effort, dedication and assistance to Genetics Institute and myself presented by these engineers of Superior Controls is greatly appreciated…For this reason I shall continue to utilize Superior Controls as the primary source for control system design and implementation here at Genetics Institute.”

  • “We were stunned that you were able to deliver, conception to final installation in less than one week! Your ability to accomplish this certainly sets you apart from the competition.”

  • “In addition to fulfilling all our expectations when we entrusted Superior Controls with this job, your team added value to the project by helping us to sort through some difficult process development and design issues. In this regard, Superior Controls contribution went beyond the scope of activities spelled out in their proposals.”

  • “As a team, Superior consistently seeks perfection, but they also are dedicated to follow-through. They will make things right, honor their commitments.”

  • “Documentation may be a requirement in life sciences, but it also is a good practice for providing a quality project. Even outside the life sciences, good documentation can be a great help in managing system life cycles.”

  • “Changes are inevitable on the projects, but I respect the way Superior Controls handles them. They deal with them right when they arise, not later on.”

  • “In the early days of GAMP and 21CFR Part 11, Superior Controls really took the bull by the horns and led the industry in shaping a preferred approach to implementation.”

  • “During my tenure, it became clear that Superior Controls had moved to the top of the list of systems integrators. We know when we get a quote it is complete and an honest assessment of what the project will take. They then go on to execute the project professionally and reliably.”

  • “When I put Superior on a project, I don’t have to worry about it.”

  • “Superior Controls goes beyond. They deliver what makes sense, not just what the contract states. They act as if they were the owner of the facility.”

  • “I have worked with nearly 30 systems integrators around the country and Superior Controls is unquestionably one of the very best.”

  • “With smaller firms, I worry about what happens when another job comes in. Where will the top talent go? With Superior, I know they have a big enough resource pool to handle swings like that.”

  • “Superior Controls’ facility is a real asset. It shows me they are here to stay and that they have the resources to weather the ups and downs of the economy.”

  • “There is not much hand-holding with Superior. They take off and execute the project without needing babysitting from me.”

  • “They bent over backwards as we went through changes at our end. Their team did a wonderful job and really saw things through for us.”

  • “I am confident that when we need something done on a tight timeline, Superior will not be the cause of the delay.”

  • “Superior’s documentation is very thorough. They have an excellent understanding of how the documentation needed to be arranged and executed. It demonstrates that they really know the pharmaceutical industry. They are very thorough on all aspects of the project and their change control is exceptional. They are thorough professionals.”

  • “The Superior Controls team is not only technically skilled, but they have the right work ethic. They will work independently, but they are also willing to ask questions. They are good people, and we have good chemistry together. They have better quality people than most. Whatever screening process they use is working.”

  • “From the very beginning, it was obvious to me that Superior was the firm that should get the job. Their scope was meticulously prepared. It was clear from the very beginning what was included, what wasn’t, how it would be executed. I immediately could see the project would be in good hands.”

  • “Superior has an excellent base of talent focused in one location. That means they have critical mass to apply to projects. Even the big national firms have people spread all over, so they don’t have one team with consolidated resources. Superior is unique in this regard.”

  • “Superior has always provided a quick response, no matter what the issue is. It’s in their DNA to get back to the customer within minutes. They are literally back to me within minutes in almost every case.”

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