A Controlled approach to control automation

Superior Controls was founded on the belief that disciplined project control is crucial to delivering successful projects. Today, this discipline is embodied in SC Navigator(sm), a centralized system that guides our engineers through a proven process of project execution.

While every project is unique, we can ensure effective execution by employing a consistent, documented methodology to each and every program. SC Navigator is a dynamic tool that enables us to do this across all project types and all industries.

SC Navigator ensures that you get consistent program delivery from project to project.

Key features of the SC Navigator system

SC Navigator includes several features that enable us to better serve our customers. These resources can be grouped into 4 types:

  1. Project Planning: No project can proceed without initiation and completion of detailed project setup procedure. The setup procedure includes basic administrative data, contact information, project team responsibilities, documentation requirements including Quality and Project Plan, Functional Specifications, Software Design Specifications, Hardware Design Specifications, test protocols for hardware and software verification, etc.Separate project planning pathways are provided for validated systems versus non-validated systems to ensure the appropriate level of documentation and verification is applied.
  2. Sign-Offs and Approvals: SC Navigator requires internal and/or customer sign-offs at key stages during the project sequence. By controlling this verification step, potential errors and omissions can be flagged before they create delays or excess costs.
  3. Engineering Protocols: Every type of engineering work we undertake, including control logic development, HMI development, panel design, panel building, factory acceptance testing and change order control is governed by a documented set of best practices. In some cases, engineers are prompted to reference Superior Controls’ engineering library, which features pre-engineered resources, such as previously engineered panel designs, software code and other tools that can shave time and money from a project.
  4. Administrative and Efficiency Tools: SC Navigator also includes a set of tools designed to add efficiency to the entire process. For example, a staff locator allows us to identify the whereabouts of our entire team in real-time, enabling us to respond to urgent customer requests with the best mix of resources. It also tracks employee training and other details to assist in the resource allocation process.

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